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Choko may refer the following:

  • An alternate name for Chayote, a green vegetable of the gourd family
  • Chokó languages, an alternate name for the Choco languages
  • Chöko, a Tibeto-Burman language
  • Choko (cup), a type of Sake cup
  • Choko (game)
  • The name of a fictional character in Chokotto Sister
Choko (game)

Choko is a two-player abstract strategy board game from Gambia Valley, West Africa. It is played specifically by the Mandinka and Fula tribes. It is related to Yote.

Usage examples of "choko".

Their house was the old colonial kind, with a veranda all round it, shaded with wistaria, passionfruit and choko vines.

The rest woke with a minimum of grumbling, shrugging into their equipment, handing around cups from the coffee urn one of them had prepared and using it to wash down caffeine pills and the inevitable ration bars and choko, sweet chocolate with nuts for quick high energy.