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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chode \Chode\ (ch[=o]d), the old imp. of chide. See Chide.


Etymology 1 vb. (context archaic English) (en-simple past of: chide) Etymology 2

n. (context neologism vulgar English) (alternative spelling of choad English)

Usage examples of "chode".

It was an ancient and a sad matron of a sedate look and christian walking, in habit dun beseeming her megrims and wrinkled visage, nor did her hortative want of it effect for incontinently Punch Costello was of them all embraided and they reclaimed the churl with civil rudeness some and shaked him with menace of blandishments others whiles they all chode with him, a murrain seize the dolt, what a devil he would be at, thou chuff, thou puny, thou got in peasestraw, thou losel, thou chitterling, thou spawn of a rebel, thou dykedropt, thou abortion thou, to shut up his drunken drool out of that like a curse of God ape, the good sir Leopold that had for his cognisance the flower of quiet, margerain gentle, advising also the time's occasion as most sacred and most worthy to be most sacred.