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n. (context Geordie English) A fat person. Short for chodder.


Chöd ( lit. 'to sever'), is a spiritual practice found primarily in the Nyingma and Kagyu schools of Tibetan Buddhism (where it is classed as Anuttarayoga Tantra). Also known as "Cutting Through the Ego,", the practices are based on the Prajñāpāramitā or "Perfection of Wisdom" sutras, which expound the " emptiness" concept of Buddhist philosophy.

According to Mahayana Buddhists, emptiness is the ultimate wisdom of understanding that all things lack inherent existence. Chöd combines prajñāpāramitā philosophy with specific meditation methods and tantric ritual. The chod practitioner seeks to tap the power of fear through activities such as rituals set in graveyards, and visualisation of offering their bodies in a tantric feast in order to put their understanding of emptiness to the ultimate test.


Chod may refer to:

  • An acronym for Chief of Defence.
  • CHOD-FM, a Canadian radio station.
  • Chöd, an advanced spiritual practice and discipline now practiced throughout the schools of Tibetan Buddhism
  • A Hindi/Urdu slang word for fuck.
  • Ch'od, a fictional character in the Marvel Universe
  • Chod region , an ethnographical region around Domažlice in West Bohemia, Czech Republic
    • The Chodové (sometimes called the Chod people), inhabitants of this region
    • The Chod dialect, spoken in this region.