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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1922, chocolate-y, from chocolate + -y (2). Related: Choclatiness.


a. (alternative spelling of chocolaty English)

Usage examples of "chocolatey".

His dad took one look at the mangled pie, at Yvonne smothering his only son with chocolatey kisses, raised his eyebrows, and put down his briefcase.

All I have to do is see that deep chocolatey surface gleaming out at me from the refrigerator, and my life isn't my own.

Roxy and Joy stood next to the couch, Joy with a steaming cup in one hand, a bowl of something that look chocolatey in the other.

And every time he went by, he would begin to walk very, very slowly, and he would hold his nose high in the air and take long deep sniffs of the gorgeous chocolatey smell all around him.