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n. 1 (context Australia slang affectionate English) A person with dark skin tone. 2 (context Australia obsolete English) A militiaman or conscript, short for chocolate soldier. 3 (context Australia slang English) An army reservist.


Chocó may refer to:

  • Chocó Department, Colombian administrative region
  • El Chocó - a name for Tumbes-Chocó-Magdalena, Pacific coastal region, extending through Panama, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru
  • Choco languages, family of Native American languages, in Colombia and Panama
  • Chocó people, former name of the Embera-Wounaan, a group of semi-nomadic Indians in Panama
  • Guilherme Choco, Brazilian footballer

Choco may also be an alternative name for:

  • A shortening of " chocolate" in Korean and Japanese (in transcriptions into English)
  • A shortening of the phrase "chocolate soldier", a derogatory name for soldiers of the Australian Army Reserve
  • Chayote, edible plant
  • Chocobo, fictional bird, in various Square Enix Final Fantasy games
  • Mark Williams (Australian footballer born 1958), former coach of the Port Adelaide Football Club
  • Someone from the Mexican state of Tabasco
  • Choco(late) Australian ( Sydney notably) racist slang for a person of non-caucasian ethnicity, aka wog. Considered derogatory and offensive.

Usage examples of "choco".

The fourth was probably a Chocoes girl while the last two were plainly mestizas of mixed Euro and Indian blood.

Getting to Bakhtiar's Precision Burins and Choco late Weasel sprang from trying to get to the bottom of what was going on at the Devonshire dump, and of course the Chumash Powers study and the one on leprechauns were almost incestuously intertwined.

Of the soldier, or Chocoes scout (for a few had been able to learn to shoot), who had fired the rifle and left those cases there was no obvious physical sign.