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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Choak \Choak\, v. t. & i. See Choke.


vb. (obsolete form of choke English)

Usage examples of "choak".

Thwackum, who, for reasons before-mentioned, durst not venture at disobliging the lady, was almost choaked with indignation.

Here his words choaked him, and he turned away to hide a tear which was starting from his eyes.

Still choaked however with agony and resentment, Roderic waved his wand, and summoned his favourite instrument and the prime minister of his pleasures, the goblin Medoro, to his presence.

At divers other times he hath been in danger to be strangled with cravats and handkerchiefs that he hath worn about his neck, which have been drawn so close that with the sudden violence he hath near been choaked, and hardly escaped death.

Or is there an unaccountable Poize, secret and Mysterious, that works up, and plays the Water, when the Scale is emptied, and detains and choaks it up when it is full?

Some contingent reanimations are to be hoped in diseases wherein the lamp of life is but puffed out and seemingly choaked, and not where the oil is quite spent and exhausted.