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n. (plural of chime English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: chime)

Chimes (song)

"Chimes" is a song by Scottish artist and producer Hudson Mohawke. The song gained attention after its appearance on the MacBook Air TV ad, as well as after Mohawke's success through the likes of Kanye West and with the TNGHT project. On November 21, an official remix of the song, featuring rappers Pusha T, Future, Travi$ Scott and French Montana, was released as a single. The track was featured on a television advertisement called "Stickers" for the Apple MacBook Air.

Usage examples of "chimes".

That could be the hollow tube that transmitted the sound of the chimes through the entire building.

The chimes continued, a shimmering sound that evoked a shimmering bell given voice by a muffled striker.

The chimes grew faster, harsher, they clamored in a single note that throbbed, a heartbeat of brass.

With the chimes raging in her ears and the iron spike sliding through her body to break out the other side, she opened her mouth until her lips stretched into an agonized O.

The three men paused as the chimes resonated through the room before dying back into its ancient walls.

With a surge of chimes that sounded like entire worlds exploding, the camera lunged down at the videotaped Fisher.

It happened like this: As they saw the vision of their own death, they heard the chimes of the clock.

Its chimes shimmered out of secret channels buried in the walls that carried the sound from the Good Heart.

And the fact that when Blaxton heard the chimes, he panicked, that he ran into the marsh.

Then came a nightmare: hearing the chimes as she watched a stranger plunge a blade into her flesh.

Oddly, it could have been some mutant progeny of the chimes issued by the blind clock.

In shimmering notes, as ice cold metal struck ice cold metal, the chimes ghosted down through the wallsnot only through the fabric of the building, but through the fabric of time itself, as if an ancient voice vented its cold fury on him.

The instant the chimes began their toll, he heard the arched vaults above him groan.

Above the chimes, Fisher heard the bricks groan as they chafed against one another in the ceiling vaults.

And all the while, clock chimes beat through the air and through his skull into the center of his brain where they echoed with a savage power.