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Chil may refer to:

  • A character in The Jungle Book; see List of The Jungle Book characters#Mowgli's adventures
  • Chil, Iran, a village in Sistan and Baluchestan Province, Iran
  • Chil, Hormozgan, a village in Hormozgan Province, Iran

Usage examples of "chil".

Their attempt to protect their chil dren from anxiety is revealed as a way of concealing fear from themselvesa doubly guilty action: delay brings increased physical danger to the children and it causes Jack to be exposed to the toxic cloud.

One of his greatest pleasures, after we were established in this country, was to invite my uncles Chil and Avruhm to our apartment for Sunday breakfasts.

The regulars had been my father and his youngest brother Chil, and Avruhm and Henek.

His brother, Chil was already there and taking charge of the situation.

Papa told me my uncles Avruhm, Henek and Chil came to our apartment to pray together.

Early in 1940, he convinced Chil, Avruhm and Henek they would be better off under Russian occupation.

Father, Avruhm and Chil sewed for the people of the camp and they coached the thriving soccer teams.

We crowded around the rail of the military ship, the Marine Marlin, my mother, father, my uncle Chil and I together with all the other passengers.

If the givers are dead and the person has chil- dren, the edge goes to the child who is complete.

If the givers are dead and the person has chil dren, the edge goes to the child who is complete.

She wanted to know if that particular bus went to a chil dren's hospital.

Festus looked to Chil deric for a confirmatory nod and got one quickly.

  Thi crows' parlyment is in thi tollest, gratest biggist tree ov ol, its brown-blak twigs like thi sooty bones ov a millyin hands clutchin @ thi chil blank fayce ov hevin.