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Chiho is a feminine Japanese given name. The meaning differs based on the kanji used to write it; it may also be written solely in hiragana. Notable people with this name include:

  • Chiho Saito (斉藤 千穂, born 1967), Japanese manga artist, most noted for the manga Revolutionary Girl Utena
  • Chiho Kusaka ( 日下 千帆, born 1968), Japanese television announcer with TV Asahi
  • Chiho Torii (鳥居 千穂, born 1970), Japanese volleyball player
  • Chiho Aoshima (青島 千穂, born 1974), Japanese pop artist and member of Takashi Murakami's Kaikai Kiki Collective
  • Chiho Katsurayama (葛山 知保, born 1974), stage name Naomi Hosokawa, Japanese actress
  • Chiho Takao (高尾 千穂, born 1984), Japanese freestyle skier
  • Chiho Arai ( 荒井 千歩, born 1991), Japanese child actress
  • Chiho Hamada (浜田 千穂, born 1992), Japanese freestyle wrestler
  • Chiho Osawa (大澤 ちほ; born 1992), Japanese ice hockey player
  • Chiho Kobayashi, Japanese video game music composer best known for her work on Virtua Tennis and The Key of Avalon