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He caught the words les chiens, mort, pourquoi, Broussard cabane, and elbowed his way into the crowd.

Tu cours en amour comme un chien fou, tu te cognes partout, tu exiges, tu pleures, tu mords, mais tu es si bon que me viennent des larmes de tendresse et de fierté, quand je te vois cherchant ainsi le bien.

Et pourquoi voulez-vous que nous comprenions les idees des chiens mieux que les chiens ne comprennent les idees des hommes?

Significantly, it is Chien, the Anarchist, with whom this novel starts.

Apprenez, chiens de Francois, a souffrir, et vous sauvages leurs allies, qui etes les chiens des chiens, souvenez vous de ce que vous devez faire quand vous serez en pareil etat que moi.

Miraut a toutes les nuits des reves: il voit en dormant des chiens comme lui, des petites filles comme Jacqueline, des mendiants.

Shortly before taking over, Brantley himself traveled to Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, where a five-year-old boy who bore a certain physical resemblance to Eagleton was living.

The evening light would concentrate itself into the band of sky over the black jagged peaks of the Hellespontus, brilliant pinks and silvers and violets shading up into dark indigos and bruised blacks, and their voices would soften in that last part of the twilight Michel called entre chien et loup.

Chien stared at him, appalled by the invasion of privacy -- and done by someone outside the government.

Cuckoospit, a magician with horses, had forgotten polite usage for rheum, if he ever knew it, in five draughty years in the TolboothNeal boels cornusHuit moutons tondusSept chiens courantsSix Ii~vres aux champsThese figures, he knew, were the grotesques in the bestiary.

James Airs (or Ayres), from Mackinaw, by the way of Prairie du Chien and St.

It was about the 12th of August that they left Mackinaw, and pursued the usual route by Green Bay, Fox and Wisconsin rivers, to Prairie du Chien, and thence down the Mississippi to St.

At Prairie du Chien I crossed the river on an iron bridge full of struts and crossbars.

We passed Prairie du Chien, another of Father Marquette's camping-places.

They were in the hill country below Prairie du Chien now, after hours of racing the snow clouds south.