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n. (alternative form of chield English)


Chiel is a Dutch given name, and may refer to:

  • Chiel Meijering (born 1954), Dutch composer
  • Chiel Warners (born 1978), Dutch decathlete
  • Chiel Kramer (born 1992), Dutch footballer

Usage examples of "chiel".

No other could wake such detestable groans, With reed and with chaunter - with bag and with drones: All day and ill night he delighted the chiels With sniggering pibrochs and jiggety reels.

I was particularly unfortunate with Jeannie Graham, who died in the first lustrum, leaving neither chick nor chiel behind her.

Master Chiel Just stopped by to see how things are going and to make your life a little more miserable.

But are you no of the opeenion that this chiel and you between you might put up a spook and get two racy columns off him?