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n. (obsolete spelling of chief English)

Usage examples of "chiefe".

Then I demaunded, Whether she knew one Milo an Alderman of the city : Whereat she laughed and said : Verily it is not without cause that Milo is called an Elderman, and accounted as chiefe of those which dwel without the walls of the City.

I am she that is the naturall mother of all things, mistresse and governesse of all the Elements, the initiall progeny of worlds, chiefe of powers divine, Queene of heaven!

And (having found occasion and opportunity to accomplish his purpose, which he had long time concealed) brought to passe, that the same day that Charites was delivered by the subtill meane and valiant audacity of her husband, from the puissance of the Theeves, he mingled himselfe among the assembly, faining that he was glad of the new marriage, and comming home againe of the maiden, Whereby (by reason that he came of so noble parents) he was received and entertained into the house as one of their chiefe and principall friends : Howbeit under cloake of a faithfull welwiller, hee dissimuled his mischievous mind and intent : in continuance of time by much familiarity and often conversation and banketting together, he fell more and more in favour, like as we see it fortuneth to Lovers, who first doe little delight themselves in love : till as by continuall acquaintance they kisse and imbrace each other.

Whylest thus she in these hellish dens remayned,Wrapped in wretched cares and hearts vnrest,It so befell (as Fortune had ordayned)That he, which was their Capitaine profest,And had the chiefe commaund of all the rest,One day as he did all his prisoners vew,With lustfull eyes, beheld that louely guest,Faire Pastorella, whose sad mournefull hewLike the faire Morning clad in misty fog did shew.

I say more plainly, if any preacher, Confessor, or Casuist, shal but say that this doctrin is agreeable with Gods word, namely, That the chief ruler, nay any private man may lawfully be put to death without the chiefes command, or that Subjects may resist, conspire, or covenant against the supreme power, that ye by no means beleeve them, but instantly declare their names.

In her the richesse of all heauenly graceIn chiefe degree are heaped vp on hye:And all that else this worlds enclosure bace,Hath great or glorious in mortall eye.