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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1962, American English, Cold War jargon, from Chinese + communist.

Usage examples of "chicom".

What if they have a company of troops quartered a block away and they get a panic call from some Chicom on the ship?

He was afoot and twenty-five miles inside of red, Chicom, fucking China and had taken enemy fire.

Chances were that the bird would not have been hit at all, even with a fire-for-effect, six-round salvo from the Chicom mortar men.

Murdock saw the first Chicom head lift tentatively over the ridge line and then vanish.

Finally made out that it was a Chicom bunch, eight of them working along the edge of the valley, watching for line crossers, my guess.

One of my men identified him as a Chicom sympathizer who has been organizing antiwar meetings at the University.

Yeah, the guy who disappeared from the Fountainbleau, standing in the front of a group of ten or twelve Chinese guys, all wearing matching black pajamas and all pointing Chicom assault rifles at him and Ross.

The Chicom embassy in Bujumbura, Burundi, which abuts the x-Belgian Congo-the whole country is about as big as New Jersey-is three hundred men strong.

The Guevarristas had no air strength to waste on recon planes and the Chicom SAM sites were not yet operational.

Depends what the Chicoms have had time to set up as a defensive unit down here in the mud flats.

Murdock decided to take a few quarter-pound chunks of TNAZ in case some of the Chicoms barricaded themselves.

That burning chopper is going to be a beacon for the Chicoms to come find us.

While Kennedy faced down nasty paper cuts in Paris, other American boys his age were freezing and being shot at by the Chicoms at the Yalu River.

T-28s or B-26s, and they would know came from us, caused the Chicoms to take the gloves off?