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Chicano and Chicana Experiences of the War, edited by George Mariscal.

The Chicana sat with her chair pulled back, arms folded across her red baseball shirt, her legs crossed so tightly the ankles were wrapped around each other.

On the other side of the glass division, the petite young Chicana looked at the shelves behind her desk.

The shorter one looked like an upscale Chicana, black hair and brown skin, the whole package wrapped in expensive shorts and a halter top that looked like it was under too much stress.

But Sally Diaz looked and sounded like a city-bred Chicana, so Nick tried something different.

Shoshone heritage, I can pass for a Chicana if no one looks at me too critically.

I made no judgments upon Mexican girls in general, for I had been raised a proud brown buffalo, but the seven Chicanas that went on to Oakdale Joint Union were, quite simply, a drag.

There are hundreds of singers from Juarez, thousands of my sisters, my cousins, my aunts and the seven Chicanas who graduated with me from Riverbank Grammar School.

Mexican television in America broadcasts not dry notices of immigration reform or Mexican consulate seminars, but splashy Jerry Springer-like talk shows, where Chicanas with dyed blond hair, breast implants and bare navels wiggle in the audience and chatter in hot tubs, unlike anything that used to be aired in the village plaza in Mexico.

Today, the color of the hand that pushes the sponge varies from region to region: Chicanas in the Southwest, Caribbeans in New York, native Hawaiians in Hawaii, native whites, many of recent rural extraction, in the Midwest and, of course, Maine.