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Chhetri (Chettri, or Chetri) , synonymous with Kshetri and Khatri is a Nepali caste, which are part of Khas people along with Bramins, Thakuris. . Chhetris are of Indo-Aryan origin claiming to be of the Kshatriya varna. They make up 16.6% of Nepal's population according to the census of 2011, making them the most populous caste or ethnic community in Nepal. The majority of Chhetris speak Nepali.

Chhetris are primarily Hindu (99.48% according to the 2001 Census). Those Chhetri who follow Hinduism may also follow Buddhism. The ancient religion of the Chhetri is Masto which uses nature worship and can still be seen in western Nepal's Karnali district. In Nepal's hill districts the Chhetri population rises to 41% compared to 31% Brahmin and 27% other castes. This greatly exceeds the Kshatriya portion in most regions with predominantly Hindu populations.