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The old ones Chett could put to work cooking and cleaning for him, pulling carrots and slopping pigs, while the young ones warmed his bed and bore his children.

He'd sent one of his bastards, that Walder Rivers, and the next thing Chett had known he was walking to the Wall with that foulsmelling black devil Yoren.

But when he saw Chett and the dogs, his smile curled up and died squeaking.

The dogs huddled together miserably in the hard frozen mud, and Chett was half tempted to crawl in with them.

It seemed to Chett that they needed the big man more than they needed Lark.

Steel whispered on leather faint as hope as Chett eased his dagger from its sheath.

Jarman Buckwell's back from the Giant's Stair, Chett figured, or Qhorin Halfhand from the Skirling Pass.

As he slipped the huge tent of a garment down over his head and wriggled into it, he spied Chett standing there.

The only women Chett had ever known were the whores he'd bought in Mole's Town.

Ser Piggy lowered the bow, and Chett thought he was going to start bawling.

We could cook the bloody dogs, Chett thought, but he kept his mouth shut until the Old Bear sent him on his way.

Dywen was holding forth at the cookfire as Chett got his heel of hardbread and a bowl of bean and bacon soup from Hake the cook.

Clever bird, thought Chett as the officers dismissed them, warning everyone to get a good meal and a long rest tonight.

When he was settled comfortably, Chett covered his legs with a fur and went to stand by the door.

Even now they were snarling and whimpering by turns, pulling at their leashes while Chett cursed them for curs.