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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"member of a Balkan guerrilla force," 1904, from Serbian četnik, from četa "band, troop."


n. (context now historical English) A guerrilla fighter in the Balkans.

Usage examples of "chetnik".

Chetniks in Serbia, technicals in Somalia, Tontons Macoutes in Haiti, or soldiers in Sierra Leone can tell you, in places where the Western Enlightenment has not penetrated and where there has always been mass poverty, people find liberation in violence.

Chances were these were Bosnian Serbs, possibly members of the Serb Volunteers, possibly Chetniks or Beli Orlori or members of one of the other pro-Serb, anti-Muslim militias.

He'd been shot by the Communists in 1946--naturally enough since the Chetniks had in some cases openly collaborated with the Nazis, especially late in the war.

Since the 1940s they've been quite bitter about the fact that Western support for a short time turned to Tito and the partisans and against Mikhailovich and his Chetniks and the Croatian anti-Communists, including the Ustasha, who were outright Nazis.

The Chetniks were also playing with the Nazis and were mainly trying to overcome the partisans.

She's been a supporter of the Chetniks from way back, no reason why she shouldn't continue to support Chetnik violence, which is what this amounts to.

The Chetniks took great pleasure in the killing of volunteers, women, and children.

Because the Chetniks [World War II Serbian partisans] used to do their killing after drinking plum brandy.