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n. (obsolete spelling of chestnut English)

Chesnut (surname)

Chesnut is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • James Chesnut, Jr. (1815–1885), planter, lawyer, United States Senator, and general
  • Jerry Chesnut, American songwriter
  • Mary Boykin Chesnut (1823–1886), South Carolina author
  • William Calvin Chesnut (1873–1962), American judge

Usage examples of "chesnut".

The cottage was nearly embowered in the woods, which were chiefly of chesnut intermixed with some cypress, larch and sycamore.

The gates being at length unbarred, the carriage moved slowly on, under spreading chesnuts, that almost excluded the remains of day, following what had been formerly a road, but which now, overgrown with luxuriant vegetation, could be traced only by the boundary, formed by trees, on either side, and which wound for near half a mile among the woods, before it reached the chateau.

The only thing that distressed us was the bearing-reins on the nice little pair of chesnuts in the buggy.

United States Bank, you are told it is in Chesnut, between Third and Fourth, and as the streets are all divided from each other by equal distances, of about three hundred feet, you are sure of not missing your mark.

The blushing apple, the golden pear, the shining plum, and the rough-coated chesnut were scattered in attractive confusion.

Chesnut to see Robert Barnwell, and make the necessary arrangements to recover the body.

Dissensions among Southern leaders - Uncle Tom's Cabin - Conscription begins - Abuse of Jefferson Davis - The battle of Shiloh - Beauregard flanked at Nashville - Old Colonel Chesnut again - New Orleans lost - The battle of Williamsburg - Dinners, teas, and breakfasts - Wade Hampton at home wounded - Battle of the Chickahominy - Albert Sidney Johnston's death - Richmond in sore straits - A wedding and its tragic ending - Malvern Hill - Recognition of the Confederacy in Europe .

Chesnut to the President to gain permission for the forces of Joe Johnston and Beauregard to join, and, united, to push the enemy, if possible, over the Potomac.

He says General Chesnut originated the plan and organized the corps of clerks which saved Richmond in the Dahlgren raid.

Chesnut never made a more telling speech in his life than he did to save this poor Frenchman for whom Judge Lynch was ready.

The author's sister, Kate Williams - Old Colonel Chesnut - Roanoke Island surrenders - Up Country and Low Country - Family silver to be taken for war expenses - Mary McDuffie Hampton - The Merrimac and the Monitor .

Chesnut overpersuaded the Judge, and those two turned the tide, at least with the South Carolina delegation.

Chesnut had found Colquitt the best or most effective stump orator.

General Toombs is certain Colonel Chesnut will be made one of the new batch of brigadiers.

It thinks Toombs, Cobb, Slidell, Lamar, or Chesnut would have been far better in the office.