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chemical symbols

n. (plural of chemical symbol English)

Usage examples of "chemical symbols".

But when a scientist presents to you the structural model of a genotype, you are no longer dealing with an 'acultural code,' because the scientist has translated the code of genetics into the language of symbols -- chemical symbols, let us say.

On an adjoining wall were hundreds of glass beakers, and beneath were several rows of boxes, chemical symbols scrawled on their faces in red marker.

Several times they informed us, using our mutual language of mathematical and chemical symbols, that they could not complete the manufacture of a specific item within our allocated time period.

The little display screen on the sick bay partition showed a chemical analysis of the aerobacteria's protoplasm, a senseless hash of chemical symbols and numbers as far as I was concerned.

Jargon filled recitals of numbers and pressures and phases, densities and chemical symbols and more numbers and relativistic effects and still more numbers and mathematics, with professionally cautious suggestions that space near the core of Azlaroc might connect directly somehow with space at the crystalline surface of the companion pulsar.

Just the chemical symbols for the elements carbon and iron, Elijah.

He could barely make out their chemical symbols and some foreign words.