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chemical substances

n. (plural of chemical substance English)

Usage examples of "chemical substances".

These observations suggest that there is a very close relationship between particular chemical substances, particular psychological states, and particular brain states.

They were seeking traces of nerve gas condensate or other chemical substances.

Zodiacal symbols were used to refer to chemical substances, drawings of men with suns for their heads and women with moons for theirs represented gold and silver, and a king and queen in connubial embrace showed the joining of opposites that was necessary to the success of the Work.

What primordial force prepared the chemical substances for the coming into being of life?

When it detected the production of various amino-acid compounds and other chemical substances that were produced in response to strong emotion, it used electrical stimuli to override the brain and other organs, shutting off the flow, thus eliminating the physical consequences of an emotion if not the emotion itself.

Sudden memory--restored no doubt three milliseconds earlier--grabbed me and a prod of fear pumped a number of interesting chemical substances into my blood.

It was simply a blending of certain of those chemical substances which fluoresce, or glow, when exposed to ultra-violet light - a property not especially remarkable, being shared by a substance as common as vaseline.