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chemical properties

n. (plural of chemical property English)

Usage examples of "chemical properties".

In the short term, USE glassmakers will keep careful records as to which raw materials were mixed together, in what proportions, to obtain a particular batch of glass, and the physical and chemical properties evidenced by that glass.

Chemical reactions involve electrons only in the outermost shells of an atom, and this decides all their chemical properties.

Whatever the physical model, everyone agreed all along that the chemical properties of an atom depend mainly on its electrons, because the electrons are on the outside, so atoms can stick together by sharing electrons.

If you make the ninety-first cut of the apple pie, if you slice a carbon nucleus, you make not a smaller piece of carbon, but something else - an atom with completely different chemical properties.

You still have one electron, so the chemical properties of deuterium are the same as hydrogen.

On the civilized worlds such physical and chemical properties are carefully regulated.

We know that chemical behavior depends on the number of orbital electrons in an atom and that physical and chemical properties follow the pattern called the Periodic Table.

They'd taken normal TNT and added a stiffener, a plastic that made the material quite rigid, but without affecting its chemical properties.