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chemical compounds

n. (plural of chemical compound English)

Usage examples of "chemical compounds".

Exposed to the intense heat, the chemical compounds ignited in a flash explosion that sent the huge body of the Melodist flying across the choreochamber, shredding its limbs along the way and carbonizing its integument.

Finally, as so many and such widely different causes excite aggregation, it would appear that the living matter within the glandcells is in so unstable a condition that almost any disturbance suffices to change its molecular nature, as in the case of certain chemical compounds.

At conventions (1981-1986) of pharmaceutical companies and their lobbyist the American Chemical Manufacturers, Turner promised to continue the research ban on the 400 chemical compounds of cannabis.

The native lifeforms treat rare earths, metals, and chemical compounds like candy.

The number comes to over seven million known man-made chemical compounds, and each week U.

Whatever Leng had been doing had required an enormous variety of chemical compounds.

Instead of more chemical compounds, the tiny space was crowded with cases of birds, stuffed with cotton.

Search for new chemical compounds, or perhaps to be used in the terraforming of worlds, bringing life to our sister planets which were less bounteously endowed than our beloved Earth.

The laboratory, with its bottles of chemical compounds, they also cast into the water.

In a part of the Halo about 3200 AU from the Sun, running out to maybe 4,000 AU, the complexity of chemical compounds increases enormously.

It was blurred, the planes and contours oddly vague as if seen through water or through eyes affected by chemical compounds.