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Chelrood is a village in Sheykh Fazlolah-e Nuri Rural District, Baladeh District, Nur County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. At the 2006 census, its population was 130, in 42 families.

Usage examples of "chel".

However, if I was forced to speculate, I’d tend to agree with you that requesting your return to Chel is probably the main reason for the impending visit.

Kabe had completed or put on hold various articles and projects he had been working on and had just begun to study the material on Chel and the Chelgrians which the Contact drone E.

They’re keeping those close to Chel in case the war should begin again.

Had there been any chance of paying for rescue or even faster passage he might have made more of a fuss, but he had no immediate means of payment, and the Loyalist forces — along with any privateers that might have been acceptable to both sides — had dropped even further back into home space around Chel, regrouping.

It was quarter of a year later, the war was over and he was back on Chel before he discovered what had befallen the Winter Storm, and that Worosei had died in it.

Ziller had remained on Masaq’ even after the election of an Equalitarian President on Chel, seven years after he’d left.

Then the ruling coalition on Chel had elected a Spayed as President as an effective but surprising symbol of how much had changed.

I have learned the identity of the emissary being sent to us by Chel,’ the drone said.

Were they trying to tell him, and through him Chel itself, that they didn’t really care about what had happened, despite all their protestations?

There had been a variety of different religions, faiths and cults on the planet, but the belief system that came to dominate Chel and was exported out to the stars when the species achieved space travel - even if by then it was taken as having a symbolic rather than a literal truth - was one which still spoke of a mythi cal afterlife, where the good would be rewarded by an eternity of noble joy and the evil would be condemned - no matter what their caste had been in the mortal world - to servitude forever.

They were of all castes, they were of all varieties of religious belief from atheists to the devout of diverse cults, and they included in their number several of the sentient machines Chel had developed but never fully exploited.

Why should I be driven from the place just because Chel sends this military bag-boy to do god-knows-what.

So by their own precious rules, yes, it was these people who let what happened to Chel happen, even if few actually knew anything about the details at the time.

Life will go on after this, and Chel will prevail, but its rules, its doctrines must be understood by each new generation and each new species we encounter.

No matter what happens, as long as you and I do our duty, people in the future will know that to attack Chel is to invite a terrible revenge.