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Chefette Restaurants is the largest fast food restaurant chain based in the Caribbean island nation of Barbados. Currently operating throughout the island in 14 locations, Chefette is known for its broasted chicken meals as well as a local curried-' meat + vegetable' (similar to the European Gyro) roll-up or wrap, locally known as a roti. Chefette was founded by a Trinidadian businessman named Assad John Haloute, who migrated to Barbados in 1971. In 1972, he opened the first Chefette Restaurant at Fontabelle, St. Michael. As the success of the chain grew over the next three decades, the restaurant chain continued its expansion. The company's trademark colours are yellow and purple.

Several of the outlets push the theme of being a "family restaurant" by constructing play areas for children similar to other major international chains such as McDonald's.

Though international restaurant chains (including McDonald's) generally lack an overall presence in Barbados, among Chefette's competitors is U.S.-based KFC. In 2010 Barbadian Senator Kerrie Symmonds lauded the Chefette establishment and urged other businesses in Barbados to emulate it when considering international expansion.

Although relatively unknown outside of Barbados, the chain was recognised in May 2012 as one of the Top Fast Food chains by New York City-based Travel + Leisure magazine.