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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"the buttocks," c.1600; see cheek.


n. (plural of cheek English)

Usage examples of "cheeks".

She wiped tears from her cheeks and swung back to look at him, with his work-scarred hands and an undistinguished but good-natured face that made her think of poor Manfred, killed at Gent.

Dressed in a fine calf-length tunic worn over a linen underdress, she looked quite striking with her bountiful dark hair caught back in a scarf and her cheeks rosy with sun.

The chubby cheeks were gone, and it was difficult to trace a resemblance to father or mother because of the slackness that muddied her features.

Tears wet her cheeks, but she made no sound, only sat there, rigid and suffering.

A few tears glistened on her cheeks, and she wiped them away impatiently.

Elation spilled tears from his eyes, streaming down his cheeks to spot the rumpled bedding.

Half of it spilled down his cheeks and trickled along his jaw, but the serving man wiped him up and clad him in a plain shift, the kind of shroud a poor man would be buried in.

His answering smile gave his face a liveliness that revealed his strong heart, his courage, and an affectionate warmth that brought a touch of red to her own cheeks, seeing that he was a comely man, if rather oldcertainly past forty.

Hanna pressed her palms to her cheeks before going back to the pallet.

Ruoda and Jehan, who were only now beginning to recover the color in their cheeks although they still slept most of the day and night.

Hanna asked, but before she got her bearings or an answer two handsomely robed men with beardless cheeks and shrewd expressions rushed out from the central tent to meet them.

Although her nose and cheeks had been burned red by the sun, her face had the pallor of a woman held under a tight rein.

The dim light showed his pale cheeks, his whiskers, but his eyes were quite hidden in the shadow of his hat.

She had set her candle on the floor, and the light striking her face all from beneath, it made her cheeks seem swollen and her eyes seem old.

I will admit, for I liked to bite my own lip, and my cheeks had freckles, and my features as a rule were said to be sharp.