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n. (plural of checksum English)

Usage examples of "checksums".

When the checksums failed to match, the receiving computer would simply assume that the message it had assembled was corrupted, disregard it, and signal for a repeat transmission.

What Colonel Raymond was saying was that the checksums for the packets containing the Tangerine file would be deliberately miscalculated.

He'd found that the meter and rhythm of poetry provided its own checksum, a bit like the checksums in computer data.

Back in Athena, whatever elaborate metaphoric action they'd used to instruct the communications software to halt them, append suitable explanatory headers and checksums, then turn the whole package bit-by-bit into a stream of modulated gamma rays, it could never have fully prepared them for the fact that in a subjective instant they'd be stepping ninety-seven years into the future, and ninety-seven light years from home.

No one, not even the Chows, have identical checksums, but those are the closest I have ever measured between two people.