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n. Any of a group of butterfly of the subfamily ''(taxlink Nymphalinae subfamily)'' whose wings bear a checkered, spotted pattern.

Checkerspot (magazine)

Checkerspot was a biannual climate change magazine in Canada published by the Canadian Wildlife Federation. A free magazine, its inaugural issue was launched May 2007 and stopped production in 2009 due to the economic downturn.

Checkerspot claimed to be a climate neutral publication. The magazine was named after a butterfly whose ranges were believed to be shifting as a result of global warming.

Usage examples of "checkerspot".

She moved to strip protection for the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreational Area near San Diego, as well as hundreds of thousands of acres in the Southwest that are home to the arroyo toad, the fairy shrimp, the endangered Quino checkerspot butterfly, and dozens of rare desert plants.