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The Collaborative International Dictionary

n. The name of the letter ⟨/⟩, which stands for the ''ch'' sound (IPA /tʃ/ English), in Pitman shorthand.

Chay (given name)

Chay is a boy's name. It is either a diminutive of Charles, ultimately derived from Germanic Karal, Karel, Karl, meaning “man”, or it may be Gaelic in origin, meaning “Fairy Tale” . This unusual name surfaced into the public in Britain in the mid-1970s, with the publicity for yachtsman Chay Blyth. It is generally pronounced Sh (as in Shane) ay (as in May), and sometimes pronounced Ch (as in Charles) ay (as in May).

Also an ancient word derived from the Old Testament meaning "And Yahweh will give you a son".


Chay may refer to:

  • Chay (given name)
  • Chay, Doubs, a commune in eastern France
  • Chay, alternative name of Chal, a village in Zanjan Province, Iran
  • Chay, Russia, a rural locality (a selo) in Vilyuysky District of the Sakha Republic, Russia
  • CHAY-FM, a Canadian radio station based in Ontario
  • Chay, name for tea in several languages
  • Chay, alternative name of a chaise

Usage examples of "chay".

Chayim Luzzatto, a brilliant young eighteenth-century Kabbalist, regarded himself as a spiritual son of the Ari.

He felt much closer to Chay than he did to his blood son, Prince Rohana slight, quiet youth given to study and thoughtfulness rather than devotion to the manly arts.

But it was taking a long time to subdue the beast, and Chay was getting worried.

It appeared to Chay that the two old warriors, dragon and prince, were evenly matched now.

To distract himself from growing concern as Zehava narrowly avoided talons and teeth, Chay began to calculate how many females would die unmated in the caves and how many eggs would lie unfertilized once this dragon was dead.

Andrade tried to hope, but when they brought the prince up and placed him on the white silk sheets, she knew Chay was right.

Send Chay to the lesser ones as your deputy, but go yourself to the greater.

Maeta had their horses ready when they reached bottom, and Chay spent some moments calming the frantic Akkal, who had never been riderless at a dragon hunt before.

When Tobin followed him into the bathroom demanding to be told everything, Chay could only shrug.

It had grown stronger over the years until Chay was one of the few people Rohan really trusted.

He needed what Chay had found in Tobin: a woman to trust in and work with, who understood him and his ambitions.

Afterward he had camped in the sand below the castle with his new companions, for to enter the keep with his father and Chay would have necessitated revealing his true identity.

Tobin managed to stay awake until Chay had tucked her into their bed and made her swallow a cup of wine.

Now, before Chay gets back, and speaking as woman to womanwhat do you think of my brother?

Before Tobin could think up a way to put the girl at ease and coax the information out of herand had she just accused Chay of being unsubtle?