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Chau may refer to:

  • Zhou (surname), or Chau, a Chinese surname
  • Ciao, or Chau, meaning goodbye in informal Italian language
  • CHAU-TV, television station in Canada
  • François Chau (born 1959), Cambodian-American actor
  • Osric Chau (born 1986), Canadian actor

Usage examples of "chau".

Problem was, even though Chau Doc sat right on the Bassac River, which ran all the way northwest to Phnom Penh, it was about seventy-five miles from Bmh Thuy, and the Navy had no riverine operations anywhere close.

They operated out of the highest point in the district the Chau Thoi mountain.

And one of the most satisfying things about the Chau Thoi operation was that we actually had lists for the first time of who their potential victims would be.

As Chau is the ancient Ponapean word both for sun and king, the name means, without doubt, 'place of the sun king.

They landed in the waters of a fish hatchery south of Lok Ma Chau.