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Chato may refer to:

  • an aircraft Polikarpov I-15
  • Chato, Ghana, a village in upper Ghana
  • Chato, Peru, a town in Peru
  • Chato, Tanzania, a town in northwestern Tanzania
  • Chato District, a district in northwestern Tanzania
  • Chato Volcano, a mountain in Costa Rica
  • Cerro Chato, a town in Uruguay
  • Chato (cat), a fictional cat created by Gary Soto
Chato (Apache)

Chato (1854 – 13 August 1934) was a Chiricahua Apache subchief who carried out several raids on settlers in Arizona in the 1870s. He was a protege of Cochise, and he surrendered with Cochise in 1872 going to live on the San Carlos Reservation in southern Arizona, where he became an Apache Scout. Following his service as a scout he was taken prisoner after being coerced to travel to Washington, D.C. Chato was imprisoned in St. Augustine, Florida along with almost 500 other Apache at Fort Marion.