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Chas is a municipality in Bokaro district in the state of Jharkhand, India. Chas is the sub-urban area of Bokaro Steel City. Chas is notable for a large wholesale market.

Chas (newspaper)

Chas (Time, ) was a daily newspaper published in Latvia, the third among Russian language dailies and the eighth among all dailies by subscription, as of January 2010. The final issue of the newspaper appeared on December 7, 2012.

Usage examples of "chas".

Well… if that's the way he wanted it… 'I thought you was so in love,' Chas said, swigging from a large glass of Scotch.

He had no balls - Chas could've told his daughter that the first time he met the dumb shit.

They were actually tears of frustration and anger because she was having to fight to get her own way, but Chas didn't know that.

And -' 'Shut your fuckin' mouth,' Chas yelled, jumping up, red in the face.

Early on in their relationship Rosarita had proudly informed him that Chas was king of construction in New Jersey.

He didn't know or care what Chas was king of, he simply preferred to keep as much distance as possible between them.

If she was very nice to Chas maybe he'd spring for her own car and driver, especially if she suggested it as a Christmas or birthday present.

Of course, Chas would ask why she didn't drive the Mercedes he'd bought her.

Going out with Chas to one of his gangster hang-outs would be better than this.

The moment Chas got off the phone with Rosarita he phoned his other daughter.

She winked at Chas as if to say, 'See, I've already charmed one of your daughters.

Then she looked straight at Chas and said, 'Matt and I are hoping that your little Rosarita will get pregnant next.

She was not used to meeting her menfriends' families, and after she'd gulped down a couple of glasses of wine, Chas was having a hard time shutting her up.

Then she unzipped her orange dress, standing before Chas in a red, white and blue thong and nippleless bra.

She hadn't known Dex to be like this since their honeymoon in the Bahamas, which Chas had paid for.