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n. (plural of char English)


Chars is a commune in the Val-d'Oise department in Île-de-France in northern France.

Usage examples of "chars".

Verulam supplied with maids, cooks, chars, nannies, nurses, drivers, gardeners, hewers of wood and drawers of water, batmen, bondmen, gentlemen's gentlemenand anyone else who came under the heading of help.

The living was not good, for the Chars had no ducks or chickens, and only two pigs, but it was no worse than that enjoyed by most of the other families in the mountainous village.

FROM THE STARVING VILLAGE 361 Concerning only one thing did the Chars have no fear.

So while the Chars wandered across northern China, seeking almost hopelessly for food, their house stood sacrosanct.

But when a spell of four successive days passed with no gleanings to be found and when no birds died, at least not within reach of the starving family, the servant of a rich man came to the tree where the Chars were sleeping, and he carried in a bag a bundle of freshly baked cakes, whose aroma drove the smaller Char children mad with hunger, for they were the kind of cakes Nyuk Moi had often baked, and the servant said bluntly, "My master would consider buying your oldest daughter.

The sirens went early and some of the chars who clean offices in the City sheltered in the crypt with us.

Dean Matthews has opened the church, so the watch have been doing duties as chars and people have started coming in again.

The chars talk most of the night and the sound of the bombs is muffled, which somehow makes it worse.

Not only do the chars talk constantly, but the cat has moved into the crypt and sidles up to everyone, making siren noises and begging for kippers.

Our chars have abandoned us altogether (like the cat), so the crypt is quiet, but I cannot sleep.

  He turned sharply to the chars and then said quite calmly, "What's under here?

  One of the chars found The Worker wedged behind a pillar and brought it down to the crypt as we were coming off the first watch.