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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Charras \Char"ras\, n. The gum resin of the hemp plant ( Cannabis sativa). Same as Churrus.


n. (alternative form of churrus English)


Charras is a commune in the Charente department in southwestern France.

Usage examples of "charras".

As we have seen, Charras, who had long remained on his guard, unloaded his pistols.

Sieur Courtille had Charras, Sieur Desgranges had Nadaud, Sieur Hubaut the elder had M.

Baze noticed on the table a paper which was evidently a jail register, on which were these names, written in the following order: Lamoriciere, Charras, Cavaignac, Changarnier, Leflo, Thiers, Bedeau, Roger (du Nord), Chambolle.

Ever since the 9th of September Changarnier had dismissed the fifteen men armed to the teeth by whom he had hitherto been guarded during the night, and on the 1st December, as we have said, Charras had unloaded his pistols.

These pistols, we may note, had been given to Charras upon the taking of Mascara by General Renaud, who at the moment of Charras' arrest was on horseback in the street helping to carry out the _coup d'etat_.

If these pistols had remained loaded, and if General Renaud had had the task of arresting Charras, it would have been curious if Renaud's pistols had killed Renaud.

It was Courtille who arrested Charras, Lerat who arrested Changarnier, Desgranges who arrested Nadaud.

In the other vehicle, which was placed foremost on the trucks, there were Colonel Charras, Generals Bedeau and Le Flo, and Count Roger (du Nord).

Cavaignac, Leflo, Changarnier, Bedeau, and Lamoriciere did not spare them any more than Charras did.

At the same time, nearly the same moment, Charras said to Courteille, the Commissary of Police, "Who can tell me that you are not pick-pockets?

Leopold Lehon, "Know, sir, that my name is Charras and not Vincent, and that I belong to a family whose members have always borne the name of their father.

A little child, whose mother could not hold him back, ran quickly to Charras and took his hand.

They declared that Charras was the man called Vincent, displayed passports and papers, swore and protested.