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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Char \Char\, Charr \Charr\, n. [Ir. cear, Gael. ceara, lit., red, blood-colored, fr. cear blood. So named from its red belly.] (Zo["o]l.) One of the several species of fishes of the genus Salvelinus, allied to the spotted trout and salmon, inhabiting deep lakes in mountainous regions in Europe. In the United States, the brook trout ( Salvelinus fontinalis) is sometimes called a char.


Charr \Charr\, n. See 1st Char. [1913 Webster] ||


n. (alternative spelling of char English) (qualifier: fish)


Charr may refer to:

  • Certain fish in the genus Salvelinus
  • Henri Charr, Assyrian filmmaker
  • Manuel Charr (born 1984), German boxer
  • USS Charr (SS-328), a United States Navy Balao-class submarine

Usage examples of "charr".

The acidic blast that Charr had been ready to exhale found itself stopped and reversed.

Between the multiple wounds received from Charr, the fall from which she had cushioned Huma, and the tremendous final effort she had expended on the rampaging Crynus, she had reached her limit.

Del retrato de próceres locales pasó a las casas viejas de Buenos Aires, cuyos modestos patios delineó con modestos colores, no con la charra escenografía que otros les donan.