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Charn is a fictional city appearing in the 1955 book The Magician's Nephew, book six in C. S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, written as a prequel to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. Charn, and the world of which it is the capital city, are the birthplace of Jadis, the evil White Witch who later takes over Narnia. When visited briefly by Digory and Polly, the protagonists of the novel, the city is totally deserted, lifeless and crumbling, under a dying sun. Rivers have dried up, and not even weeds or insects live. All life on the world of Charn had been destroyed by Jadis through an evil magic spell. In the novel the city stands as an example of the dead end that can result if a civilization succumbs to evil.

During their visit, Digory accidentally wakes Jadis from suspended animation, and she is able to leave the world with them.

Usage examples of "charn".

Professor Benjamin Cathartes, working at the new plantation eighty miles east of here, has claimed to have discovered an old relic, which disappeared from Charn in revolutionary times.

No way to tell if I question comes from Majesty's own heart or if Pallas' Charn still operating.

Charn liked to sit under the spiceapple trees behind the inn, and tell his stories of the days when he was young.