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n. (obsolete spelling of charm English)


Charme may refer to:

  • Charme, Wisconsin, United States
  • Charmé, Charente, France
  • La Charme, Jura, France
  • Le Charme, Loiret, France

Usage examples of "charme".

Es claro que era una india y que no leía más que Vogue y por eso le faltaba ese charme que tiene el teatro francés, aunque Madeleine Ozeray es un adefesio.

His dearest Dame is that Enchaunteresse,The vile Acrasia, that with vaine delightes,And idle pleasures in his[her] Bowre of Blisse,Does charme her louers, and the feeble sprightesCan call out of the bodies of fraile wightes:Whom then she does transforme to mõstrous hewes,And horribly misshapes with vgly sightes,Captiu'd eternally in yron mewes,And darksom dens, where Titan his face neuer shewes.