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Usage examples of "charl".

After that song, silence reigned until two older vars, Charl and Trotula, began beating a makeshift drum, taking up a quicker beat.

Along with Brod and the sailors, Charl and Tress, she frequently had to row hard just to keep the skiff in place.

As the skiff rounded the northern verge of their prison isle, Charl took over the tiller, letting Naroin crouch down as well.

Only Charl remained in view, now attired in a white smock that was stained around the neckline.

From the moment the reaver vessel entered view, Charl began waving, shouting and grinning.

Maia pushed Charl back and affected to punch just past the woman's ear.

The next thing Maia knew, Charl had picked up an oar and aimed an awfully realistic swipe.

Maia said, elbowing Charl in the ribs, knocking aside the oar and lifting her locked hands as if to deliver an overhand blow.

A near-solid fist of compressed air blew Charl against her, throwing the two of them toward the mast, sandwiching Maia in abrupt pain.

As if stricken, Charl Tao slowed, turned into an apparent statue, not even his eyes moving as Dumarest moved to the others and treated each in turn.

During the disturbance, Honath realized, Charl the Reader had been brought in quietly from the same side of the glade.

From the high Seat, the Spokesman said: "Honath the Purse-maker, Alaskon the Navigator, Charl the Reader, Seth the Needlesmith, Mathild the Forager, you are called to an swer to justice.

By an unspoken consent, none of the three mentioned Charl, but 11 their eyes were constantly darting from side to side/searching for a glimpse of the thing that had taken him.

    Sarol was saying, "King Charl had other reasons for building there.

  The rest were alive, bruised but otherwise unhurt aside from Charl Zeda.