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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chark \Chark\, n. [Abbrev. fr. charcoal.] Charcoal; a cinder. [Obs.]


Chark \Chark\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Charked.] To burn to a coal; to char. [Obs.]


n. 1 charcoal; coke. 2 A pointed stick, which when placed with the point against another piece of wood, and spun rapidly in alternate directions with the aid of attached cords, produces enough heat by friction to create a fire; a fire-drill. 3 (context US Alaska English) A wine glass. 4 A variety of hunting bird. vb. 1 To reduce by strong heat, as to produce charcoal or coke; to calcine. 2 (context Scotland English) To make a grating sound.


Chark is a village located in the Ludhiana West tehsil, of Ludhiana district, Punjab.

Usage examples of "chark".

The outer worlds, Lordan, Lecterion, Iphus, Almaz, and Chark, stretched out into the depths, too dim to see at all without the guidance of tactical overlay.