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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

also charrette, c.1400, "a chariot, a cart," from Old French charrete "wagon, small cart" (12c.), diminutive of charre (see car). Meaning "collaborative session" is by 1982.


n. 1 (alternative spelling of charrette English) 2 (alternative spelling of charret English)


Charette may refer to:

  • Charette, Isère, a commune of the Isère département, France
  • Charette, Quebec
  • Charette-Varennes
  • François Athanase de Charette de la Contrie, French chief of the counter-revolutionary insurrection
  • William R. Charette, Medal of Honor recipient for his actions during the Korean War
  • Hervé de Charette, French politician
  • A charrette is an intense period of design activity.

Usage examples of "charette".

He took himself off, with the announced intent to cross the Loire and join Charette, whose Vendean army continued afoot there.

Between and a little in front of them on a humble charette or stool, sat a slim, dark young man, whose quiet attire and modest manner would scarce proclaim him to be the most noted prince in Europe.