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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Char \Char\, n. [OE. cherr, char a turning, time, work, AS. cerr, cyrr, turn, occasion, business, fr. cerran, cyrran, to turn; akin to OS. k["e]rian, OHG. ch["e]ran, G. kehren. Cf. Chore, Ajar.] Work done by the day; a single job, or task; a chore.

When thou hast done this chare, I give thee leave To play till doomsday.


n. 1 (alternative form of char lang=en nodot=9) (gloss "turn, task, chore, worker" English). 2 (context UK dialectal Northern England English) A narrow lane or passage between houses in a town. vb. (context intransitive English) To work by the day, without being a regularly hired servant; to do small jobs; to char.


A chare, in the dialect of North-east England, is a narrow medieval street or alley.

Usage examples of "chare".

Was it retribution that I hoped to find as I set out from Alsatia, in the midst of the deluge, in the back of a mail-coach jostling along the Strand and into Charing Cross, heading slowly westward?

Prince Chare was no happier about being wakened in the smallest hours of the morning than Brannis Cornmonger had been.

On the edge of the crowd of mercenaries, Prince Chare and Mayor Cornmonger stood staring at the steam-wreathed pyre, the sodden ashes in disbelief.

Her heart hammered so loudly she was sure Cornmonger and Chare must hear it.

Then Chare went back to what was left of his tent to begin arrangements for paying off the mercenaries and to order his servants to clean up the mess, and Cornmonger headed for to the walls of Horran to let the people know that the siege was over.

Mooch along Charing Cross Road, locate the Groucho, couple of pubs, call her up.

Miss Abbott, between Sawston and Charing Cross, revealed qualities which he had never guessed her to possess.

But locating Vince proved easier than catching up with him, for once Louie spotted his friend darting along the walls of the buildings in Charing Cross Road, he realised that dozens of home-going clubbers clogged the pavement between them.

By day Eric worked as a nurse at Charing Cross Hospital, where he also held a position as a bereavement counsellor working in the same team as Betty, but it was the nightwork he undertook performing with his drag troupe that really made the money.

On the 12th of July he was appointed Clerk of the King's Works at the Palace of Westminster, the Tower, the royal manors of Kennington, Eltham, Clarendon, Sheen, Byfleet, Childern Langley, and Feckenham, the castle of Berkhamstead, the royal lodge of Hathenburgh in the New Forest, the lodges in the parks of Clarendon, Childern Langley, and Feckenham, and the mews for the King's falcons at Charing Cross.

Sulliwin, as has five blessed children of her own, can't go out a charing for one arternoon, but what hussies must be a comin', and 'ticing avay her oun' 'usband, as she's been married to twelve year come next Easter Monday, for I see the certificate ven I vas a drinkin' a cup o' tea vith her, only the werry last blessed Ven'sday as ever was sent.

He cast animploring glance at Miss Charing, who at once rose, andwent to seat herself in a chair beside him, patting his hand ina soothing way, and saying: "Nonsense!

He encountered a startledlook of enquiry from Miss Charing, and added succinctly:"Gamester.

He dwelt for a moment on thepercipience of Lord Legerwood, while Miss Charing eyedhim with hostility.

Miss Charing had stretched out an impulsivehand, and was clutching the sleeve of his coat in a way thatcould not but render him acutely apprehensive, but herefrained from drawing her attention to this.