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Chapi may refer to:

  • a hoe used by the slaves on Curaçao for agriculture and also used as a percussion instrument
  • a sub-tribe of Mara people in north eastern state of Mizoram
  • Chapi language, the language of the subtribe
  • Chapi, Mizoram, 2 kilometers from India-Myanmar border in east side of southernmost part of Mizoram state
  • Chapi (name), a common name among the Aushi people of Luapula Province, Zambia
  • Chapi (Kurdish dance), a popular kurdish dance
  • nickname of Spanish footballer David Vázquez González
  • Spanish classical composer Ruperto Chapí
  • Chapi (Peru), a mountain in Peru
  • Chapi, Iran, a village in Mazandaran Province, Iran
Chapi (Peru)

Chapi ( Quechua for tin) or Ch'api ( Aymara for thorn) is a mountain in the Apolobamba mountain range in the Andes of Peru. It is located in the Puno Region, Putina Province, on the border of the districts Ananea and Sina. Chapi is situated southeast of the mountains Ananea and Rit'ipata, north-west of Rit'i Urmasqa and north-east of the lake Asnuqucha.