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Chapda is a town in the Dewas District of the Madhya Pradesh state in India. Chapda's main square is an important bus junction. Chapda is well known in all over madhya pradesh only due to the importance of this bus station. MP'S Commercial capital Indore is just 50 kilometers away from the Chapda bus junction making it an important bus station for all the road travel coming from Indore to the Harda- Nemawar region of Madhya Pradesh. All buses connecting Dewas- Hatpipalya to Bagli, Dewas-pimpri pass through Chapda bus square station. Earlier in ancient days, It was the Tax collection point for four states : Holkars of Indore, Pawar's of Dewas, Nimad and Bhopal so popularly know as "Char Padaw" which in turns to Chapda later