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Chao (Sonic)

Chao (; ) are fictional life forms in the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series published by Sega. They are small, childlike creatures that go through a complex life cycle and exist in several visual forms depending on how they are raised. Developer Sonic Team incorporated Chao into the games to encourage players to explore levels and support the good–evil dichotomy of Sonic Adventure 2.

Chao have appeared in many games in the series, beginning with Sonic Adventure in 1998. They usually take the form of digital pets, but have also played parts in the story and figured into other gameplay elements. Most notably, the character Cream the Rabbit has a Chao named Cheese, whom she uses to attack enemies. They have also appeared in games outside the series, the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, and the Sonic X anime, as well as being featured in promotions and merchandise. Critics and fans have given positive opinions on Chao and their integration into Sonic gameplay, generally saying they are one of the best things about Sonic Adventure 2 but criticizing Chao.minigames


Chao or similar sounding câo, cháo, cháo, čhao, chau, ciao, jao, may refer to:

Chao (monarchy)
''For the West African ethnic group known as the Choa, see Baggara.

Chao is a title of the Lannathai royal family members.

Chao (currency)

The chao was the official banknote of the Yuan dynasty in China. Unlike the earlier paper money such as jiaozi, it was the first paper currency to be used as the predominant circulating medium in the history of China. The primary press was the Imperial Mint established in 1260, probably in Yanjing. It was certainly located in Khanbaliq after that city was established the same decade. Regional capitals were sometimes authorized to print money as well. The money of the various eras of the Yuan were also separately known, as the Zhongtong notes and Zhiyuan notes of the reign of Kublai Khan.

It was this money that was described by Rustichello in his account of the travels of the Venetian Marco Polo.