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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1856, also shanty, chantey; probably an alteration of French chanter "to sing" (see chant (v.)); perhaps from French chantez, imperative of chanter.


n. (alternative spelling of shanty English) (song)


n. a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors [syn: chantey, sea chantey, shanty]

Usage examples of "chanty".

Among the interlaced melodies of the human counterpoint are love songs and anacreontics, marches and savage dance-rhythms, hymns of hate and loud hilarious chanties.

Promotion A Forgotten Tale Pennarby Mine A Rover Chanty A Ballad Of The Ranks A Lay Of The Links The Dying Whip Master H.

Ancient chanty used to time saluting guns But that was after we had left Camp Currie and a lot had happened in between.

Sharkey could hear the hoarse voices of his rovers singing their chanty over the water.

Some of the streets, especially that of Grand Chantier, he "depopulates.

Behind him in the stern seat, singing fragments of his native chanties, Defago steered the craft of birchbark like a thing of life, answering cheerfully all his companion's questions.

He handed his tobacco pouch to the guide and then filled his own pipe, while the Canadian, nothing loth, sent his light voice across the lake in one of those plaintive, almost melancholy chanties with which lumbermen and trappers lessen the burden of their labour.

Security guys, that spends half his shift down at the Life and then goes up and down the streetlet all night playing with his service baton and singing sea chanties off-key, that's just impressively qualified to Come In to AA with them.

Retsler usually liked the black and white skull-and-crossbones hanging over the door, the uneven wooden floor, the skulls lining the fireplace mantel, the sound of sea chanties sung with unusual heartiness through the stereo speakers.

He was brought in by Soltan Gris to start the phony World United Chanties Mercy and Benevolent Hospital in Afyon.

A couple of sea chanties, then a ballad, and more and more, and either every one was perfectly fitted to the timing set by the ship’s motion, or else Blood Wave herself now danced to the minstrel’s beat.

To the sound of a lusty chanty, Brob, a spar firmly lashed to his massive body and carrying his implement, went on high, swung above the gunwale, and dropped into the waves.

Counterfeiting irritation at her jibe, he ruffled her hair into snarls and left, whistling a chanty.

The most irritating part of it all was that as he pulled in the living rope, he piped forth a deep-sea chanty.

Amos took out a pipe and began filling it with tabac, humming a sea chanty.