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Chans (Kent song)

"Chans" (Swedish "Chance") is a song by the band Kent, released in 2000. It reached #14 on the Swedish single charts.

The single has the song Chans, one of two completely new songs from the b-side compilation album B-Sidor 95-00. The second track is an official remix of 747. It was made by the producer of the two new songs; Nåid (also known as Martin Landquist). This remix can only be found on this single. The CD is partially transparent. The sleeve has photos taken by Jonas Linell on the arctic Norwegian island of Svalbard.

Usage examples of "chans".

If I get the chans I wil try to find out on a count of it sounds like a thing worth noing.

Yet all Chans are of the same family, and Benny Chan's sister has requested my assistance.