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Chaney is an English and American surname of French origin. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Charles "Bubba" Chaney (born 1946), Louisiana politician
  • Chris Chaney, US musician
  • Darrel Chaney, US baseball player
  • Don Chaney, US basketballer
  • Esty Chaney (1891–1952), US baseballer
  • Fred Chaney, Australian Liberal Party politician and minister in the Fraser government (son of Fred snr)
  • Fred Chaney (senior), Australian Liberal Party politician and minister in the Menzies government
  • George Chaney (1893–1958), US boxer
  • Jack London, born John Griffith Chaney
  • James Chaney (1943–1964), US civil rights activist
  • James M. Chaney (1921–1976), US police officer and witness to President Kennedy's assassination
  • James McDonald Chaney, US Presbyterian minister
  • John Chaney (disambiguation) (several entries)
  • Lindsay Chaney, US news editor
  • Lon Chaney, Jr. (1906–1973), US actor
  • Lon Chaney, Sr. (1883–1930), US actor
  • Michael Chaney, businessman
  • Norman "Chubby" Chaney (1918–1936), US child actor
  • Tray Chaney, US actor
Chaney (disambiguation)

Chaney is a surname.

Chaney may also refer to:

Usage examples of "chaney".

Legion of Dynamic Discord, the Erisian Liberation Front or even the Justified Ancients of Mummu, Markoff Chaney began his own crusade against the Illuminati, not even knowing that they existed.

On April 26 the stream became a flood, and while Saul and Barney Mul-doon tried to reason with Markoff Chaney and he struggled in their grip, Ingolstadters found themselves inundated by Frodo Baggins and His Ring, the Mouse That Roars, the Crew of the Flying Saucer, the Magnificent Ambersons, the House I Live In, the Sound of One Hand, the Territorial Imperative, the Druids of Stonehenge, the Heads of Easter Island, the Lost Continent of Mu, Bugs Bunny and His Fourteen Carrots, the Gospel According to Marx, the Card-Carrying Members, the Sands of Mars, the Erection, the Association, the Amalgamation, the St.

Saul, trusting the pole-vaulter in the unconscious, was leading Barney and Markoff Chaney into the mouth of Lehman Cavern .

And in Lehman Cavern, Markoff Chaney disgustedly pointed out a graffito to Saul and Barney: HELP STAMP OUT SIZEISM: TAKE A MIDGET TO LUNCH.

Barney, and Markoff Chaney were racing toward Las Vegas in the rented Brontosaurus, while Dillinger was leisurely driving back toward Los Angeles.

Naismith, and Markoff Chaney collided, Malatesta and his associates abandoned the switch idea: Two collisions in a few minutes would be more than a man like Carmel would accept without profound suspicion.

Tom Chaney rode his gray horse that was better suited to pulling a middlebuster than carrying a rider.

Chaney watched as the one named Trag stretched and grumbled his way to full awareness.

I first heard from Mary Ann Chaney, who spent seven years of her childhood in Manokotak, a Yupik village forty miles west of Dillingham.

Ma Chaney, who greeted me at the door of her house in rural Macomb County wearing a red Japanese kimono with green parrots all over it.

The whole brood had come up from Kentucky when Old Man Chaney got a job on the line at River Rouge and stayed on after he was killed in a propane tank explosion.

This would be Mace Chaney, for whom the FBI was combing the western states for the Kansas armored car robbery.

Stacks of cardboard cartons reached almost to the rafters, below which Mace Chaney sat with his legs dangling over the edge of the empty loft, the rifle across his knees.

The lantern we had borrowed from Ma Chaney hung hissing from one post.

Chaney interrupts, "sending a clear message to the rest of the world that the United States is more interested in maintaining a first-strike nuclear posture than continuing arms reductions.