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Chané may refer to:

  • the Chané people
  • the Chané language

Usage examples of "chane".

Still seething at the recent memory of betrayal and humiliation, Chane squinted and peered at the misted valley.

Firestokel The old rustbucket had made Chane believe that he was helping him, outfitting him for a journey, providing armed companions.

He glanced at the fur-clad dwarf, then tipped his head to study Chane critically.

They watched it shrink to a dot in the distance, then Chane settled his packs on sturdy shoulders and stepped to the edge of the cliff again.

The sheer face was almost vertical, but it was rough and broken, and Chane could find purchase.

It was eighty feet to the bottom of the rock, as nearly as Chane could judge.

The next instant, Chane was knocked from his holds as the kender landed on him.

Several yards downstream, near the bank, waters parted and a pair of black cat-ears emerged, followed by a black head-pelt and then the face of Chane Feldstone, dripping wet.

With Chess pulling and his own legs pushing, Chane burst from the entwining thickets and rolled onto clear ground.

He turned his attention again to clearing thorny vines from Chane, pulling and slicing at them, discarding them by lengths and armloads.

Still, when the kender reappeared at the curve in the path, strolling along with a pack of angry cats pacing him, Chane was already binding vines to a log and weighting it with stones.

The black gravel on the path was only a few inches deep, with ordinary clay below, and when Chane put his shoulders to the tow-vines and dragged the sled, it plowed up a growing mound of black pebbles in front, and left bare clay behind.

Another handful of gravel flew, one fair-sized pebble catching Chane on the cheek as he turned.

They started back, and Chane was almost at the clearing when he stopped.

Left alone, Chane wrapped his harness over his shoulders and set about replacing gravel on the main road.