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n. (surname from=Chinese dot=) of Chinese origin.


Chan may refer to: __NOTOC__

Chan (commune)

Chan (also called Pouy) is a commune in Ou Chum District in north-east Cambodia. It contains Chan, Kan Saeung, Kreh, Ta Ngach, Svay, Khmaeng, Krala, Kang Kuy villages and has a population of 1,696. In the 2007 commune council elections, all five seats went to members of the Cambodian People's Party. The land alienation rate in Chan was low as of January 2006. (See Ratanakiri Province for background information on land alienation.)

Chan (Dungeons & Dragons)

Chan is an archomental in the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game.

Usage examples of "chan".

He hit with an impact which must literally have broken every bone in his body, and Balkar chan Tesh bared his teeth in ugly satisfaction.

Company-Captain Balkar chan Tesh stared at Petty Captain Rokam Traygan in total disbelief.

Is it quite sure that New England Congregationalism would have been in all respects worse off if Channing and his friends had continued to be recognized as the Liberal wing of its clergy?

Lowell that, rather than ask about that, Channing chose to change the subject back to the lockdown and the number of media types outside the courthouse.

Just as she imagined Chan kept his home and family in some upscale suburb in New Jersey while he played slumlord of the Lower East Side.

Master-Armsman Frai chan Kormai had been making pretty good progress on throwing together split-log barracks which would at least be weathertight, if not precisely luxurious.

This time a Peke-faced dowager was favored with information regarding her lamented dog Chan Chu who was drifting happily through interstellar spaces somewhere in the vicinity of Procyon, according to Xanadu, who evidently had a dash of humor.

Chan expired in such strong convulsions that his head rolled down among the audience.

Claypoole looked at Corporals Kerr and Chan for help, but they looked at their squad leader like it was just another day at the war.

Chan would soon be the newest corporal in third platoon, and Bass and the other NCOs were flexing their arms and clenching their fists in anticipation of the pinning-on ceremony.

Watching it, listening to the gasps and sobs of all those who waited hopelessly for its millions of tons of metal to crush them into that acid sea, Chan failed for a moment to hear the deep sudden purring in the air around Him.

Swenson had to move on yet farther into timespace: Professor Shimmins had to be picked up in FH78, Dr Guan Moh Chan in G210, Paley collected on the way back.

It was an honor to be here and he had prepared for weeks, rehearsing with Channing, tailoring his viewgraphs, making up four-color computer graphics to show sinuous flows and ruby-red plasma currents.

The belemnite, it turned out, had been discovered four years earlier by an amateur naturalist named Chaning Pearce, and the discovery had been fully reported at a meeting of the Geological Society.

When the Bellatrix landed, not an hour afterward, Chan Derron was found staggering aimlessly about the rock.