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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ As he ran into the trees, he heard the chalet door open and the shouts of the men coming out.
▪ Firstly, no other children were staying at our chalet that week and the other guests showed little tolerance.
▪ He must have triggered off one of the alarm beams that ran along the side of the chalet.
▪ If yurt accommodation runs out, then there are the chalets.
▪ It was a far cry from the modern chalet party.
▪ The Q Scheme Covering holiday caravan, chalet and camping parks.
▪ What preoccupied him in the print was the chalet, its perfect simplicity.
▪ You probably go with a gang of friends to the same chalet every February.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Chalet \Cha*let"\, n. [F.]

  1. A herdsman's hut in the mountains of Switzerland.

    Chalets are summer huts for the Swiss herdsmen.

  2. A summer cottage or country house in the Swiss mountains; any country house built in the style of the Swiss cottages.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1782, from Swiss-French chalet "herdsman's hut, Alpine cottage," probably a diminutive of Old French chasel "farmhouse, house, abode, hut," perhaps from Vulgar Latin *casalis "belonging to a house," from Latin casa "house;" or from Old Provençal cala "small shelter for ships," from a pre-Latin language [Barnhart].


n. An alpine style of wooden building with a sloping roof and overhanging eaves.


n. a Swiss house with a sloping roof and wide eaves or a house built in this style


CHALET was a mnemonic indicating a protocol used by UK emergency services to report situations which they may be faced with, especially as it relates to major incidents.

Since 2013, the UK emergency services have been using new doctrine developed by the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Principles (JESIP), which sets out the mnemonic METHANE as an aid to communicating information from the incident scene. CHALET and METHANE dictate the form in which the receiving control station should get information from the first person or officer on scene. In some jurisdictions, the alternative ETHANE may be used.

CHALET stands for:

  • Casualties - Approximate numbers of dead, injured and uninjured
  • Hazards - Present and potential
  • Access - Best access routes for emergency vehicles, bottlenecks to avoid etc.
  • Location - The precise location of the incident
  • Emergency - Emergency services already on scene, and what others are required
  • Type - Type of Incident, including details of numbers of vehicles, buildings etc. involved

METHANE stands for:

  • major incident declared?
  • exact location;
  • type of incident e.g. explosion, building collapse;
  • hazards present, potential or suspected;
  • access – routes that are safe to use;
  • number, type, severity of casualties;
  • emergency services now present and those required

and is used to help establish shared situational awareness.

In the event of this being used for a major incident, the reporting first on scene officer would not usually get involved with the rescue work, but act as a co-ordinator on scene for arriving emergency vehicles. This individual would often assume the role of Silver Ambulance/Police/Fire dependent on their service. This is in line with the widely used Gold Silver Bronze command structure.

The Silver commander at an incident usually operates from a command vehicle. Before a specially designed vehicle arrives an improvised command vehicle is appointed by leaving one vehicle's lightbar/blue lights running, whilst the others turn theirs off.

Usage examples of "chalet".

In another cage, shaped like a chalet, two lovebirds sat motionless side by side on their perch.

We were lunching at an emeried chalet off Bank Street in the West Village licensed, sure, but with a suspicion of health food, of careful eating, of macrobiotics and longevity.

Jacques had demanded her presence at the onanistic sessions he held with the Blake twins at their chalet.

The Branes lived in a Swiss-style chalet mounted atop a beanstalk some fifteen meters high that twined around a concrete pillar that provided wind resistance, added strength, and housed an elevator shaft.

I said many other judicious things, and finally when I offered to rebuild his chalet, and pay for the breakages, and throw in the cellar, he was mollified and satisfied.

They are all standing awry, so much awry that the chalets and cottages of the peasants seem to be tumbling down.

Toward sunset we entered a beautiful green valley dotted with chalets, a cozy little domain hidden away from the busy world in a cloistered nook among giant precipices topped with snowy peaks that seemed to float like islands above the curling surf of the sea of vapor that severed them from the lower world.

The dying bonfire illuminated a semicircle of twenty small chalets, and a big stone building at the crest.

The chalets were commandeered, the golf course returned to arable land, and the hotel transformed into thirty accommodation modules.

As one generation of satellites replaced another and more variations were added, codenames multiplied: Canon, Chalet, Vortex, Magnum, Orion, Mercury.

The chalet was a frothy cluster of onion domes and flanged turrets and reticulations in the style called Arabian Nights Dymaxion.

In was then that Charles Mignon, Comte de La Bastie, a title he never used, crowned his cashier with the final happiness of residing at the Chalet, where at the time when this story begins Madame Mignon and her daughter were living in obscurity.

       It was as well, perhaps, that the susceptible sergeant did not share the discoveries of Patrolmen Brevitt and Heaney in their search of the motel chalets.

It was with one of the girls Brevitt and Heaney had escorted from the chalets.

The tumbler was cool in his hand, moist, each sip reminding him of smoke bonfire at a political rally, campfire in the Rockies, hearthfire après-ski in a Swiss chalet, cigar after a four-star dinner and, across the table, a worshipful young female from the governmental programmer pool.