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Upon the body of each Silistran, proudly displayed in twisted belts called chalds, are the thin, supple, many-colored chaldric chains of precious metals.

He was leaning back in his chair, fondling his chald, a smile playing around his lips.

In exchange for these price­less artifacts, Ristran waived all formalities and cere­monies usually associated with the assumption of chaldra, including the need for a new, virgin chald, and upheld me in the face of the chalder's wrath.

After a perfunctory blessing, my old chald was cut from me by the chalder's hand, the red chain woven into the already existing belt, and certain alterations made in the chald's construction.

Thus I could remove the chald at will, rather than wearing it soldered about my waist.

Before I snapped the lock shut, I had drawn the width of the chald through the band of my father's ring, so securing the ring to my body.

My chald was thicker than most, but whatever de­gree of anonymity I could foster would serve me.

Above my chald was another belt, of thick parr-hide, from which hung a full coin pouch and double-bladed hunting knife.

I lifted the ends and stuffed them through my chald, so that they were tightly belted to my waist.

He removed my father's ring from the chald and slipped it on the middle finger of his left hand.

If not for Dellin's restraining hand, and his possession of my chald and my father's ring, I would have run into the woods and taken my chances with the chaldless.

I could not see the great wall of Arlet, which undulates about her like a tight-fitting chald, but I knew it existed, hidden in the shadows of the oncoming night.

I would, I told myself, be lucky to get my chald and my father's ring from him, and be quit of him forever.

I considered strangling him with my chald, which he still wore around his neck.

He took my chald from about his neck and with the tiny key unlocked it.